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Budgit Air Hosit

Budgit Air HoistsIn the 1950s Budgit Air Hoist were introduced because of industry demand for a durable, cost-effective, high-performance air hoist. Design and mechanical improvements have kept Budgit Air Hoists ahead of industrial demands with the 600 Series, 2200 Series, and 6000 Series air hoist.

Budgit Air Hoist Features

  • Budgit Series 600 Air Chain Hoist: Features variable speed pneumatic power in a compact lightweight hoist for general commercial applications
  • Budgit Series 2200 Air Hoists: Precision built chain type hoists offered in 1/4 to 1 ton capacity and with pull cord and pendant throttle control
  • Budgit Series 6000 Air Hoists: made in single line 1 ton, double line 2 ton and triple line 3 ton models with standard pendant throttle control
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