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CM Electric Chain Hoists

CM Electric Chain HoistIn the crane and hoist industry we've affectionately labeled the CM electric chain hoist as the "Mack Truck" of the industry. Its robust proven and time tested design has earned it a reputation of durability with no frills. Hence the comparison to a long lasting heavy built reliable work class truck such as the "Mack". Due to the unique grease packed lifetime lubricated drive train the CM hoist is among the leading theatrical purpose hoists due to the ability to turn the hoist body upside down with no fear of leaking fluids. These hoists fill arenas, concert halls, coliseums, theaters, and the like as a result of this attribute and their well-earned reputation. However, don't be fooled by this association to the entertainment industry as the CM hoist has proven itself in every industrial environment imaginable. As a result the CM electric chain hoist is among the most popular brand in the industry. So even though the CM hoist is not laden with bells and whistles it does offer solid features which will fulfill virtually every application it is installed to serve.

CM Electric Hoist Features and Applications

  • Lifetime lubricated drive train
  • Ideal for Manufacturing, Power Generation, and Industrial Facilities
  • Small and Heavy Duty Capacities
  • Standard ready-to-ship units or modified units to meet specific hoisting requirements
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