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Electric Chain Hoists

Electric Powered Chain Lift HoistsElectric chain hoists are considered the work mule for overhead lifting. Offering capacities ranging from 125 lbs up through 5-ton. Electric chain hoists are often chosen over wire rope hoists if the application suits for a number of reasons. They are more competitively priced at lower capacities than wire rope hoists, they inherently have true vertical lift, they are easily adaptable to many installation scenarios, they can be set up for almost any lift range, and many are rated at H4 duty cycle to allow for years of heavy service with no or limited maintenance.
Please contact us and let our experts help supply you information on what brand and style hoist best suits your application.

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 Budgit Electric Chain Hoist
 CM Electric Chain Hoist
 Harrington Electric Chain Hoist
 Street Electric Chain Hoist
 Yale Electric Chain Hoist
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