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Counter Weight Stackers

  • Model/Series:
    CW Series
    200 lbs, 400 lbs, 600 lbs, 800 lbs, & 1,000 lbs
    80 in. & 92 in.
    27 in.
    36 in.
    Raised Height:
    62 in. & 74 in.
    Lowered Height:
    1 in.
    Load Center:
    13 in.

    Presto Manual Drive Counter Weight Stacker CW Series: C62A-1000, C62A-200, C62A-400, C62A-600, C62A-800, C74A-1000, C74A-200, C74A-400, C74A-600, C74A-800

    Sku: C62A-1000

    Presto CW Series Counter Weight Stacker Presto CW Series Manual Drive Counter Weight Stacker A logical alternative to a conventional stacker whose exten...
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