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Endless Nylon Slings

Endless Nylon Web SlingsEndless Lifting Slings: Made in the USA Nylon endless web slings are versatile and used for general purposes. The slings can be rigged in an unlimited amount of ways, and they can be readily adjusted to compensate for wear. Made with heavy duty nylon material, these slings feature an endless loop. Endless slings are popular and easy to use.

Basket capacities we offer range from 6,400 to 42,400 pounds, web widths from 1 to 4 inches, and lenghts from 4-20 feet.

Useful Endless Nylon Web Lifting Slings resources:

  • Calculating Load Factor: After selecting the right sling and material, the next consideration must be the rated lifting capacity required. See our   Load Factor Calculator
  • Slings Inspection: Have you inspected your nylon sling? See our   Web Sling Inspection Checklist
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