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Eye and Eye Nylon Slings

Eye & Eye Nylon Sling: Flat Type 3 SlingsEye and Eye Lifting Slings: Made in the USAEye and Eye Nylon Web Lifting Slings also known as eye & eye flat slings (TYPE 3), are very popular slings which are stocked in multiple capacities and easy to remove from underneath loads. Eye & Eye slings are very adaptable and are a good choice in many lifting situations. 

The flat eye (TYPE 3) slings are usually easier to remove or insert into limited spaces. We offer basket capacities from 3,200 to 46,000 pounds, eye and eye lifting web sling widths from 1-6", and slings lenghts from 4-20 feet. 

Useful Eye & Eye Flat Lifting Slings resources:

  • Calculating Load Factor: After selecting the right sling and material, the next consideration must be the rated lifting capacity required. See our   Load Factor Calculator
  • Slings Inspection: Have you inspected your nylon sling? See our   Web Sling Inspection Checklist
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