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Pallet Positioner

Pallet Positioners do something lifts cannot do. They respond to the load, not to an operator command. When loading or unloading pallets putting the top layer of material at the correct ergonomic level is not only more efficient it is considerably safer. The calibrated and automatic movement of a positioner maintains that ideal height for lifting and turntable eliminates the reach over.

Most health and safety professional agree that reaching out from the body is stressful that bending over. With Presto positioners with turntables solve this serious problem. One of the best parts about these great ergonomic pieces of material handling equipment is they are self-contained and don’t need to be connected to a power source.

  • Model/Series:
    4,500 lbs
    36 in.
    36 in.
    Raised Height:
    27 3/4 in.
    Lowered Height:
    9 1/2 in.
    Standard Turntable Platform:
    43 5/8 in.

    Presto P3 Pallet Positioner: Part # P3-AA

    Sku: P3AA

    Presto P3 Pallet Positioner Presto P3 Pallet Positioner Automatically maintains pallets at a constant level and comfortable working height a...
    Price: Quantity:

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