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Polyester Round Slings

Polyester synthetic roundslingPolyester slings have become very valuable especially in applications that subject the sling to acid conditions. Also polyester slings are excellent where headroom is limited because of the webbing’s low stretch characteristics. Round synthetic polyester slings are light weight and ideal for lifting heavy loads. Made with high strength polyester fibers and encased with a durable tubular jacket. 

Currently we are in the process of adding a wide variety of Polyester Roundsling products to our website. We carry a full line of polyester lifting slings that will fit most any application you might have. If you could fill out our Polyester Roundsling request form below someone will get back to you shortly!

Useful Polyester Roundslings resources:

  • Calculating Load Factor: After selecting the right sling and material, the next consideration must be the rated lifting capacity required. See our   Load Factor Calculator
  • Slings Inspection: Have you inspected your nylon sling? See our   Web Sling Inspection Checklist

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