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Web Slings: Nylon Lifting Slings

Web Nylon SlingsWe offer a wide array of heavy duty nylon lifting web slings by Mulox. Used in a variety of rigging applications web slings are typically made of nylon yarns. Hoist and crane lifting straps have the following properties in common: strength, convenience, load protection, and economy. We offer web lifting slings that are Eye & Eye Nylon Slings and Endless Nylon slings. If you do not see the size and style lifting strap for your application listed we can get it for you. Give us a call at 1-866-464-7823 or submit a lifting strap request for information and quote.

  • Calculating Load Factor: After selecting the right sling and material, the next consideration must be the rated lifting capacity required. See our   Load Factor Calculator
  • Slings Inspection: Have you inspected your nylon sling? See our   Web Sling Inspection Checklist

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Nylon Web Lifting Slings: Made in the USA
 Eye & Eye Web Slings
 Endless Web Slings
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